At PwrLearning we are passionate about delivering world-class online systems that promote practical professional development outcomes.

Configurable solutions tailored to fit all institutional requirements such as Legal, Human Resources, etc, for facilitating:

  • Continuous Professional Development

  • Planning

  • Recording

  • Assessment   

Robust & intuitive environment capable of delivering tangible benefits for :

  • Individuals

  • Corporate Organisations

  • Business Coaches

  • Professional Bodies & Institutions

Wide range of online Coaching and Mentoring modules typically following a recognised methodology (e.g. GROW for coaching) and configurable to meet other models as desired


While we focus on delivering the best professional development service, we understand that many professional bodies view this service as an integral component when sourcing membership management systems.

We work closely with partners with complementary services to offer the complete membership

management systems where each of the disparate parts has been developed with a complete focus.  


Contact us for a more detailed partnerships conversation at

Fully responsive design's and web-based applications that function on most platforms and internet providers.

Tools that are specifically designed for professional development

Low cost applications that are either usable out of the box or simple to configure.

System generated automatic notifications to Learners, Assessors and Admins

Administrators have access to a dashboard providing live information, reporting and access to a range of tasks.

Systems have a built-in as standard quality assurance and query management processes.


A range of features that facilitate greater membership engagement

No requirement to purchase or learn additional systems


Functionality that fits leads to simple and fast to use tools.

Cost per user less than competitors with very quick and simple start/integration.

All user types receive reminders of deadlines and tasks, etc


Simple reporting and management of the development process massively reduces administrator workloads.

When formal assessment is required the system can meet High levels of Quality Assurance and query management, through robust but simple and auditable processes.

Professional institutions provided with opportunities to enhance engagement and generate new revenue streams.

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