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Continuous Professional Development Solutions




At Pwrlearning, we focus in on Continuous Professional Development (CPD)  and Coaching solutions.


These include realtime CPD Planning & Assessment and dedicated Coaching / Mentoring.

Our easy solutions provide a robust environment delivering tangible benefits for Individuals, Corporates, Professional Bodies & Institutions.


We support all the following and more: 

  • Fully 'responsive design' device-neutral web-based applications

  • Provided as a secure SaaS solution or as an embedded plug-in for both Wordpress and Joomla

  • Real-time messaging with professionals and assessors/coaches/mentors

  • Configurable workflows for both Coaching and CPD management

  • The ability for professionals to upload evidence (files, video, etc) of their activities

  • Assessors complete assessment tasks online

  • Generates automatic notifications to remind users of deadlines and tasks if required

  • Provides administrators a real-time analytics dashboard 

  • Has a built-in as standard quality assurance and query management processes 

The Pwrlearning Coaching & CPD solutions do all of this and more ‘out of the box’.   

Professional Workers

·         Intuitive responsive design UI/UX for any device

·         Inexpensive & available 24/7 with automated reminders

·         Easily proven CPD requirement accomplishments with bespoke reporting​

·         Direct Coaching ​management and advice


Professional Bodies, Institutes and Employers

·         We provide the best Coaching & CPD managed process for members/employees 

·         Inexpensive quality CPD & Coaching system available anywhere

·         A simple standardised CPD evaluation process 

·         Assessors can provide instant feedback and advice

·         Smart progression information & prompts in-built

·         Ability to coach/mentor members/employees about appropriate CPD & Coaching

·         Ability to brand system with the organisation's imagery

      For Professional Learners

  • Inexpensive

  • 24/7 availability

  • Multi-device connectivity

  • Quick & simple access to appropriate quality learning

  • System automated notifications & reminders

  • Qualified advice on next learning steps

  • Easy to prove CPD requirements with in-system reporting

  • Direct messaging with designated Coaches/Mentors


      For Professional Bodies, Institutes & Employers

  • Career & professional development in simple to use package

  • Standardised process for simple evaluation of CPD

  • Assessors able to provide instant feedback & advice

  • Clearly defined progression routes between membership & career levels

  • Guidance capability for members concerning appropriate learning

  • Brandable system

  • Communication capability for discreet groups of learners


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